Westchester Dermatologist Answers: Botox vs. Juvederm

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY, May 16, 2011-- While Botox Cosmetic is arguably the most well-known dermal injection, a variety of brands and filler options are available - and not all can be used for the same purposes or yield the same results. Rye Brook dermatologist Dr. Michelle Abadir, MD, discusses the differing uses of these products and why she and her patients prefer Juvederm as a dermal filler.

Wrinkles in the skin can be caused by a loss of collagen or by repeated creasing and folding of the skin - such as by sleeping on the side of one's face. "Fold a piece of paper or fold a sheet," explains Dr. Abadir, a Botox Westchester provider. "Fold anything in the same place over and over again - what would happen?" The repeated folding and creasing action of the skin causes wrinkles, and Botox injections "relax the muscle in the area where the skin is creasing and allow the skin to lie flat." As wrinkles are related to movement and Botox prevents muscles from moving, it also prevents new wrinkles from forming.

However, Botox cannot replace lost collagen in the skin - dermal fillers like Juvederm provide a smooth and versatile method to fill fine lines and wrinkles by substituting lost collagen. This allows a dermatologist to both reduce lines in the skin and restore a full, youthful, and healthy appearance to the face. Dr. Abadir cites Juvederm as her favorite dermal filler, describing it as "smooth...it can be used anywhere, for any application." Durable and versatile, the injections are suitable for filling smaller and larger lines and patients see immediate results. Dr. Abadir's patients also tend to favor Juvederm - as the product is easy to work with and creates custom results, its versatility often makes it the most economical choice.

Other dermal fillers, while not as versatile as Juvederm, can provide equally smooth and youthful results in more specific locations. Restylane, a slightly stiffer product, is most frequently used to fill the lips, cheeks, and nasolabial folds. Not as pliable as Juvederm, its consistency makes it suited to more specific purposes. Radiesse - another thicker and more robust filler - provides strong and long-lasting results and is frequently used along the jaw line to fill jowls or in the temples. The filler Scupltra is an excellent volumizer and can be used anywhere except the lips to restore smoothness and cause collagen to be renewed.

Though Botox has played an important role in increasing the popularity of cosmetic injections as an alternative to surgery, the usefulness of other dermal fillers is not to be overlooked; dermal fillers, when delivered by an experienced cosmetic dermatologist, can produce "pan-facial volumization," says Dr. Abadir. "We see really robust responses."

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As a botox Westchester county dermatology clinic Abadir Associates - headed by experienced and renowned Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir - offers a range of dermatological services including Botox, dermal fillers, skin rejuvenation, liposuction, surgical procedures, and skin cancer screening. For more information on their practice, please visit www.drabadir.com.

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Pete J , 2011-10-11 14:44:49
Besides Juvederm Westchester, Dr. Abadir also does Dysport - which is a different brand name but the same product as Botox. Sometimes it a little less expensive, and it's a different dose so it can give different results. Here's a great article about the differences between Botox and Dysport.

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