Orthopedic Specialists Speculate 2011 Economy May Affect 2012 Joint Replacement Procedures

By: Marie Westerhof
For : Dr. Hector Lopez
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Studies show that people are less likely to undergo expensive elective procedures when they don’t feel financially secure – and with 2011’s poor economic growth, many analysts speculate that 2012 will see significantly fewer joint replacement surgeries.  Many joint replacement surgeries are considered elective and not covered by health insurance.  Without a strong financial safety net to help cover the costs of the surgery, many Americans may put off orthopedic surgeries or seek other options.

This could mean a sharp rise in the popularity of minimally invasive orthopedic doctor Ocean County procedures.  PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection therapy, prolotherapy/regenerative-restorative injections, and viscosupplementation are treatments that are gaining popularity in the orthopedic world as ways of treating chronic pain and joint damage without surgery.  Many health insurance policies are beginning to cover injection therapies, and even if the patient ends up paying out-of-pocket, they are significantly lower in cost than surgical treatments that may also be considered elective.

2012 will bring a number of changes for healthcare and insurance coverage, and the distribution of patients choosing narcotic treatments and physical therapy – and now injection therapies with an orthopedic specialist Ocean County – over major surgeries may change as well.

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