Berks Credit & Collections Inc., PCS Outsourcing Group and Collector U LLC, Are Announcing the Forma

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Anthony F. Carabello, Chief Executive Officer of Berks Credit & Collections Inc. (BCC), PCS Outsourcing Group (PCS) and Collector U LLC. (CU), is proud to announce the formation of AR Logix; which shall act as a holding company for BCC, CU and the newly formed AR Xchange, LLC.

The new formation of AR Logix will allow the company to share resources and synergize new strategies to all their medical clients who are currently being serviced by BCC, PCS or CU. With the AR Logix brand of companies, medical providers will be able to use best practices in enhancing recoveries and improving efficiencies.

The company will also be changing the PCS Outsourcing Group name to AR Xchange, LLC. They believe AR Xchange, LCC will better reflect a more current view on how they exchange ideas with clients so that they may reduce the costs of their overhead and increase cash into the revenue cycle.

Mr. Carabello states, "Since 1989, all of my focus has been on healthcare receivables management. AR Logix's companies will offer the very best in patient analytics, collectability scoring, technology platforms and a wider range of services, so that we may provide a higher recovery to our clients."

About AR Logix
AR Logix is an industry leader in partnering with medical providers and hospitals when assisting with key components of the revenue cycle. Services include early out, extended business office, third party medical collections and healthcare accounts receivable training. AR Logix uses advanced technology, analytics and a professionally trained staff to create efficiencies within your business. Visit their website at http://www.arlogix.com.

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